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When You Need a Chicago Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer

July 14, 2020

When You Need a Chicago Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer

It is not an unusual occurrence that a person slips or falls outdoors or inside a residence or public area. Sometimes unsafe conditions that occur at a public place or residence can lead to a slip and fall, which may be that someone is responsible for having created the conditions that prompted the injury or accident. A slip and fall can cause many types of injuries ranging from minor to very serious injuries indeed. When you’re injured in a slip and fall injury, it’s important to take the right action after it happens. Be sure to get the contact information of the property owners and always get the names of any witnesses. See a doctor for any injuries and keep records of the visit. But perhaps most important of all is to call a Chicago slip and fall accident lawyer.

Premises Liability

Any person who is a property owner has the legal duty to maintain the property in such a way that it is safe for anyone to enter it. Most owners of public properties or landlords who own multi-residential dwellings have premises liability insurance that covers them in case someone is injured on their property. Faulty staircases, icy parking lots and poorly maintained elevators are all possible sources of injury to those who may enter the property. The continued maintenance of these areas are the responsibility of the property owner or manager/landlord, who are responsible for keeping these areas safe no matter what for anyone coming onto the property for business or pleasure.

Types of Slip and Fall Injuries

A person can be injured in many different ways from a slip and fall. An elderly person may sustain a hip fracture, muscles and ligaments may be torn, or a head injury from a fall may lead to traumatic brain injury and years of disability. In these and all cases, a back or spinal cord injury may even result in paralysis. A person may even lose the ability to do the same job he or she did before the fall injury. That’s why it’s important to speak to a slip and fall accident lawyer, who can evaluate your case to determine how much compensation you will need, to truly cover all your injuries and lost time from work.

Call to Schedule a Free Consultation With a Slip and Fall Lawyer in Chicago Today

If you’ve had a slip and fall injury, call to schedule a free consultation with a slip and fall lawyer in Chicago today. The legal staff at the Budin Law Offices are dedicated to getting you the compensation you need if you’ve been hurt by a slip and fall. We serve the city of Chicago, Illinois and surrounding areas. Call us at 312-377-0700 and let us represent you.

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