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5 Secrets Insurance Companies Don’t Want Injured People To Know


This Article shares secrets learned from decades of personal injury experience handling injury cases in Chicago and throughout the United States. I hope it is helpful to you.

On average, people who hire personal injury attorneys receive significantly higher settlements after paying costs and attorneys fees than people who attempt to resolve their cases themselves.

This might sound like something a personal injury attorney might say, but internal documents an insurance company tried to keep secret (despite being ordered by the Court to turn them over) showed they had performed a study proving this was true. As a result of this study, the insurance company implemented a policy of sending a seemingly friendly person out to discourage the injured person from hiring an attorney and to try to settle the case quickly for a fraction of what it was worth. Have you been contacted by a “friendly” person from the insurance company who wants to take a recorded statement or settle your case quickly? Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing! Remember the insurance adjusters job is to give you as little as possible.

The purpose of personal injury law is not for the injured person to make a profit.

The purpose behind personal injury law is a noble one: for the injured person to receive justice. This means being fairly, reasonably, and fully compensated based on the nature, extent, and duration of injuries. Every individual case is unique. This would be obvious, except the insurance industry has a propaganda machine talking about frivolous lawsuits, trying to mislead everyone that the purpose of personal injury law is to make a profit off of injury. The insurance industry does this to anger jurors against people who come to court and discourage people from bringing claims and hiring lawyers. People who have been injured because of someone else’s fault are entitled to fair compensation. They are owed a debt and are entitled to be paid all of the debt, not half of the debt. They must be made whole. That is the law. That is justice. Nobody should feel bad about pursuing what they deserve when they have been injured due to others negligence.

Honesty is the best policy.

This is one we don’t need to tell you, but there are a few people out there who need to read this. There are cases where the insurance company won’t settle and then the jury gives an outrageously low award at trial. An insurance company won’t settle a case if they feel it’s being exaggerated, and they know if they take a case like that to trial, the jury will punish the injured person for being dishonest. That’s why it’s important for a personal injury attorney to document every aspect of the claim and get opinions from unbiased experts and doctors. 95% of cases settle this way. If a case goes to trial, the best personal injury attorneys are honest with the jury and trust the jury to figure out the truth. There is no “perfect case.” Juries reward this kind of honest with fair and just results. As in all areas of life, honesty is the best policy. It’s not only right, it gets the best results.

A top personal injury lawyer can improve a settlement amount by two, three, or even more times.

The more serious the injuries are, the more this is true. Internal documents from insurance companies reveal that people with serious injuries who obtain an attorney do significantly better financially than those that do not retain a competent Chicago personal injury lawyer. There’s a lot riding on your decision of which personal injury attorney to hire. Look for personal injury lawyers whom you can trust and who have a track record of successful results. Chicago personal injury lawyer John J. Budin has been listed among the top personal injury lawyers by NewsWeek Magazine for three consecutive years, 2010, 2011, and 2012. Budin Law Offices also enjoys certification by the Better Business Bureau.

It is essential to tell your doctors everything about your injuries and complaints and to follow up on all treatment recommendations.

Documenting the truth about your injuries is one of the keys to getting a fair settlement, so go to the doctor when you need treatment, and tell your doctor EVERYTHING that is troubling you from the very beginning.

What You Need To Understand

Insurance companies have trained, skillful representatives whose mission is to minimize the amount of your claim. The more they minimize tour claim, the more profit they make. The quality and skill of the attorney you hire can have a significant impact on the value of your case. The best personal injury attorneys in the country are caring, down to earth people whose clients are everyday people. They are committed to truth, justice, and accountability. Jurors recognize those qualities in the best personal injury attorneys and that’s why they consistently win. Once a personal injury attorney has proven himself to the insurance companies that he can win your case, the insurance company will be more likely to settle your case for its full and fair value.

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