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Cellphone can help after a serious car accident
May 30, 2017

How your cellphone can help after a serious car accident

Safety after a serious car accident was one of the driving factors that popularized cellphones. No matter where you are or how bad the accident may be, you have the option of contacting emergency services right away. For parents of young drivers, knowing their child was carrying a phone was a source of comfort.

Nowadays, cellphones are often denigrated when it comes to car accidents. It is true that talking, reading or texting on your cellphone could result in a distracted driving crash. Your cellphone, used properly, could also be an important tool for your safety and recovery after a car crash.

Using your phone, even to talk, can be dangerous while driving. However, if you’ve just experienced a car accident, your cellphone can be more of a help than a hindrance. While you and your children should respect the potential dangers of distracted driving, carrying a cellphone in case of a motor vehicle accident is wise. You may be able to use it for a broad range of needs immediately after an accident.

Your cellphone can do a lot after an accident

Whether or not you and your passengers get hurt, you should immediately call law enforcement after an accident. If you need medical help, your cellphone can summon emergency medical services as well. The usefulness of your phone doesn’t end when you’ve made those critical calls. Your phone can also take photos of the accident scene before either car gets moved. Once the vehicles are moved to ease traffic congestion, it can become more difficult for law enforcement to verify exactly what happened. This can help substantiate your version of events if the other driver has a different story.

You can also take moment to record a video or audio clip of you describing what happened right before the accident happened. If the other driver is clearly intoxicated, aggressive or admitting fault, your cellphone can record that evidence as well. You can document your injuries or the injuries of your passengers. Depending on your insurance company, you may be able to initiate a claim by using a mobile app to submit information about the accident. Your cellphone can help you connect with emergency services and insurers while also helping to prove your version of events.

An attorney can help get compensation after an accident

If someone else caused the crash, you can also use your cellphone to call an experienced Illinois personal injury attorney. He or she can review evidence and injuries to help you determine what to do next. Your lawyer can negotiate with insurance companies or even file a civil lawsuit on your behalf.

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