Chicago Workers Compensation Lawyer

Chicago Workers Compensation Lawyer

Being injured on the job is bad enough, but when your employer refuses to file a claim on your behalf or workers compensation won't pay out, things can go from bad to worse quickly. With mounting medical bills and added stress from being out of work, you need an experienced Chicago workers compensation lawyer in your corner to help you figure things out. Budin Law Offices can provide a free consultation and case evaluation when you call 312-377-0700. Contact our law firm for free legal advice and top-level representation for your case.

5 Reasons to Hire a Workers Comp Lawyer

1. The Workers Compensation lawyers are not on your side- but we are. Your injury claim will most likely be met with a number of obstacles to avoid having to pay out for your injuries. An experienced workers comp lawyer in Chicago, like Budin Law Offices, can cut through the red tape to ensure you get compensated for your injuries. Contact us immediately if your claim is being delayed or denied.

2. Some workplace accidents are the fault of a third party, such as a general contractor or subcontractor. In cases such as this, you may be entitled to file a personal injury claim apart from your workers compensation claim. You'll need the best work accident attorneys working on your case to determine fault. Get in touch with a Chicago job accident attorney from Budin Law Offices to speak with a knowledgeable lawyer.

3. If you've been hurt in a railroad accident, workers comp may not be able to help you recover your losses in full. Due to specific laws that regulate railroad accidents, it's best to hire a personal injury lawyer in Chicago who specializes in railroad accident cases. At Budin Law Offices, we have extensive expertise in these types of accident claims. Don't wait- call our office today at 312-377-0700 with your questions.

4. Construction site accidents often result in serious injuries that require the assistance of a Chicago workers compensation lawyer. We want to discuss your case with you if you've suffered an injury from any of the following:

  • Scaffolding or trench collapse
  • Falling objects
  • Fall from a high place
  • Crane, bulldozer, or heavy equipment accident
  • Electrical accident

Our lawyers will review your case in full to determine the type of claim to file on your behalf. Upon your approval, we'll take action immediately to recover your losses.

5. If you're sitting at home with a workplace injury and a claim that has so far gone unpaid, you may wonder whether anyone can help you find a positive resolution. The fact is, Budin Law Offices is skilled in workplace injury claims and is on your side when you need an advocate to fight for your rights. Our personal injury attorneys in Chicago, IL bring more than 3 decades of experience to your case and will work tirelessly for a favorable outcome. You're not alone- call our law firm at 312-377-0700 now to request a free telephone consultation with our lawyers.

Chicago Workers Compensation Lawyer