Probate Lawyer Granbury

Probate Lawyer Granbury

Mark E. Harden is a seasoned and celebrated probate lawyer in Granbury specializing in creating personalized estate plans. The Law Office of Mark E. Harden will assist you in drawing up a will and ensuring your death wishes get carried out.

How Does The Probate Process Work?

After your death, the person you name as your executor in your will must file papers in the probate court. If you die without a valid will, the judge will appoint a person as an administrator in the local court. The executor will prove your will's validity and present the court with a list detailing your property, debts, the persons inheriting it, etc. The court then officially notifies your relatives and creditors of your death.

The probate process can last up to a year. Your executor must secure and manage your assets during this period. Also, your executor must assess the contents of your will, the number of your debts, etc., and determine if they choose to sell your real estate, securities, and other property or not. Our top-rated lawyers can help you with a more in-depth explanation of the probate process.

Will All Property Go Through Probate When A Person Dies?

Not all properties go through probate when someone dies. Most states allow some property through a simplified probate procedure or free of probate. You can pass up to $75,000 of property without probate in Texas. Besides, there is a much simpler transfer procedure for any property left to a surviving spouse.

Property that passes outside your will, such as through joint tenancy or living trust, does not have to go through probate. Speak to one of the local attorneys to learn how you can avoid probate.

Who Is Responsible For Handling Probate?

The executor whose name appears in the will is usually responsible for handling probate. If there is no will or the will does not name an executor, the probate court will appoint the closest relative as administrator to handle the process. It may also be the person who inherits a large part of the deceased person's assets.

The estate representative becomes responsible for paying debts, filing a final income tax return, distributing property, etc. Meet with one of the Parker County lawyers to discuss the details of your specific probate case.

Our Personalized Probate Services

A probate lawyer is a licensed attorney and helps executors and the beneficiaries of an estate settle decedent affairs. Here's how our probate lawyer can assist an executor and their beneficiaries:

  1. Collecting proceeds from life insurance policies
  2. Identifying and securing estate assets
  3. Obtaining appraisals for property
  4. Assisting in the bills and debts payment 
  5. Preparing and filing documents to the probate court
  6. Identifying the estate or inheritance taxes that are due and helping clients pay off those debts 
  7. Resolving income tax issues
  8. Managing the estate checking account

Your search for the best Law firms and types of lawyers in Granbury ends here. Mark E. Harden is an experienced probate lawyer in Granbury with several years of experience and a successful track record. The Law Office of Mark E. Harden handles matters relating to wills, probate, guardianships, trusts, powers of attorney, and physician directives. Get in touch with us today at 817-613-8295 to book a consultation.

Probate Lawyer Granbury
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